Meet your New Decision Assistant

Finally, you can clone yourself with superpowers

Quickly approve good deals and identify applicants that need additional evaluation with a customizable tool that makes the exact same decisions you do.

  • Save time and money by processing more applications per day
  • Quickly approve low risk applicants
  • Establish positive rapport with healthy new customers
  • Leverage the credit information from Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, & Equifax

Easy setup

Simply give your Decision Assistant rules on how to evaluate businesses, and it will print a recommendation on the reports you pull.

Step 1. Set up your filters

These filters categorize business into 1 of 4 risk levels based on their Credit Logic Score.

Step 2. Determine how to handle each risk level

For the 3 lower risk levels, you can assign a % of the MultiMAX Credit Guideline for approval and assign either a Review/Decline option for the last high risk level.

Step 3. Set your decision override rules

Assign either a Review/Decline option for businesses with certain characteristics.
ex. Few years in business, bankruptcy, tax liens, judgements, collections, low Data Depth Score

Once your rules are setup and you have turned your Decision Assistant on, your Decision Assistant’s recommendations will print out on all DA eligible reports.

ex. Approval recommendation

ex. Review recommendation

ex. Decline recommendation

Ready to meet your Decision Assistant?