Free Online Credit Application

Save time - Approve and onboard new customers faster

Tired of this situation?

You send your company’s Credit Application to a potential customer. That customer prints it, fills it out, rescans it, and emails it back. Then you have to figure out what the customer wrote and enter it into the system that will generate a credit report.

This is tedious and wastes your business and your potential customer’s time.

Wouldn’t it be easier to send the potential customer a link and have the credit application send that data into the system that will generate a credit report?

That’s what we are offering you for free – here’s how you use the system

  1. You send a potential customer to your online credit application via your website or email
  2. Once they fill it out, you will get an email with the applicants information and a copy of their credit application
  3. From there, you login to your BCR account, view the credit application and pull the report of your choice on the applicant instantly

Ready to save time and approve new customers in 1/3rd the time? Here’s how to get started

  1. Reach out to our credit application setup specialist, Shadow Smith, using the contact form below
  2. Shadow will work with you to create an online credit application that matches your online branding
  3. Once the online credit application is setup, Shadow will show you how to embed the credit application into your website or share it via email