Make That Change!

Don't become complacent about change and about practicing your craft. All self improvement comes from change and practice. Reading self improvement books don't create change, it's new actions that will afford the biggest opportunity for new results in your personal life and business. Positive thinking will also not lead to new results, it's positive action that will. Change for some invokes the fear of the unknown. For them "the certainty of misery is better than the misery of uncertainty." ( Paulette Sun, Master Coach) They only practice what they are familiar and comfortable with, and then complain that their results aren't changing. Complacency breeds indifference, and the indifference to change and self improvement will open the window of opportunity for your competition. What changes could you make in the next 30 days that would have the biggest impact on the results you are currently getting in your business and life? Once you figure that out, Make That Change!

Coach Bill Sparkman