Why BCR Has the Best Hit Rates

Making credit decisions without third-party credit information is risky. However, many businesses, particularly smaller companies, have thin credit records or no credit record at all in the databases of the major business credit bureaus. Searching any one of the business credit bureaus inevitably results in some no-hits. Rather than setting tougher credit terms on these applicants or declining to issue credit at all, the better option is to check multiple sources for credit information.

Business Credit Reports delivers higher hit rates, enabling more informed credit decisions. BCR is the exclusive provider licensed to deliver business credit information from Experian, Dun & Bradstreet and Equifax and other sources in its line of multi-bureau reports. Checking more credit bureaus increases the odds of finding credit data on a company. BCR also has relationships with industry-focused credit bureaus that often have information that none of the big credit bureaus have.

Buying business credit reports from BCR is more economical and efficient than ordering reports from each of the credit bureaus separately. BCR offers the lowest prices and by leveraging the best of each credit bureau, you’re not paying for information you don’t need.

If you have any trouble finding a report on a U.S. company in one of the major credit bureaus’ databases through its single search portal, BCR’s team of experienced credit experts will provide a free investigation.

BCR delivers the best hit rates because we provide online access to each of the major business credit bureaus through one portal, blending the best credit information on businesses and business owners into our reports. Multiple credit bureaus in one report with one bill is simple and effective!

Order a free demo report on one of your customers today and see for yourself.