Motivational Monday: Giving Back with BOWS & BALLCAPS

BCR_bows-ballcaps-(1).pngIn recognition of World Cancer Day this month, we wanted to share a story of a 10-year old girl who decided she was going to change the world and support children with cancer one accessory at a time. Hannah Grubbs doesn’t have cancer, but she is often mistaken for a child that does. She started losing her hair at 14 months old due to an autoimmune disease, alopecia areata. Living with alopecia, Hannah can relate to kids who are fighting cancer each day, especially those who have lost their hair. describes alopecia areata as a condition that causes a person's hair to fall out. It is an autoimmune disease; that is, the person’s immune system attacks their own body. Hannah lives with this condition each day.

Many mistake Hannah’s baldness as a side effect of cancer, bringing strangers to ask her how her treatments are going or asking how long she has had cancer. In 2013, the attention her bald head received gave Hannah an idea. She realized how other children who do have cancer and have lost their hair due to treatment must feel each day – constantly being asked questions, being stared out, and overall feeling out of place. Hannah decided to do something to offer support to these children to help them feel beautiful.

Three years ago, she founded BOWS & BALLCAPS with the goal of encouraging other kids to be confident without hair. Her goal is to remind each of them that it’s what’s on the inside that matters. She understands how being sick is tough and losing your hair doesn’t help the daily battle. In her words referring to her bald head, “ball caps cover it up, and bows make it shine.” What a beautiful testament of confidence. Here’s to Hannah for finding a greater purpose in life of helping others feel better about themselves, building their confidence with simple accessories.

Through BOWS & BALLCAPS, Hannah, and her family put together and deliver 50-75 packages to 5 area hospitals to children every couple of months. What an inspirational story. Let’s follow in Hannah’s footsteps. See a need, fill a need, and make someone feel better about themselves today. We could all be more like Hannah, even if only in a small way each day.

Learn more about BOWS & BALLCAPS.