Profiting from Better Communication

Strong communication within a company has been demonstrated to lead to increased productivity, employee morale and customer satisfaction, all factors that result in stronger bottom-line profit. Effective communication eliminates confusion that may delay projects or slow response to customers. Mistakes and do-over work are reduced because the players on the team know what to do the first time.

Business professionals often spend a lot of time and energy on being heard. However, as Stephen Covey espouses in “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, we should “seek first to understand.” Listening helps us to gain the trust of our co-workers and customers alike. Listening helps us to better understand problems so we’re better able to come up with appropriate solutions.

Customers notice how well your company communicates internally. If your external communication style mirrors that of your internal communication, your company is more likely to be perceived as authentic and attractive by customers.

Internally, it’s important to make sure everyone knows they are heard, even if their ideas are ultimately not adopted. This results in everyone sensing a greater stake in the business. Externally, clear communication with customers and partners sets the right expectation, resulting in fewer disputes and greater customer satisfaction overall.

At BCR, we’re big on communication. In our San Diego office, prior to relocating to Tennessee, all of our offices had glass walls to facilitate better collaboration. We also collaborate outside the office on community service projects and fun team activities. We’ve made a commitment of increasing lines of communication with our customers through channels like this newsletter, our Facebook page and the new reviews on our website. We’re such believers in communication, BCR sponsored a Communications classroom at Volunteer State Community College this year.

How well does your team communicate? These dog days of summer may be a slow time at your company. It’s a perfect time to reflect upon the culture at your company and the communication that results. Before everyone returns from vacation and the kids are back at school, invest some time in improving the communication within your company and with your customers. Better communication makes everything better with colleagues, customers, family and friends. Try it!