Small Business Helping Small Business

May 12-16 is National Small Business Week. Small businesses are near and dear to our hearts, not only because Business Credit Reports is a small business itself. Many of our customers and our customers’ customers are small businesses.

Every year since 1963, the SBA highlights the impact of outstanding entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others from across the nation through National Small Business Week. The SBA hosts forums discussing trends in small business, business innovation, financing, growth and matchmaking. It also provides networking opportunities, online events and award ceremonies. To learn more, check out

Your small business customers are a valuable asset to your company. Whether they are the lifeblood of your business or just a part of your client base, their success impacts your company’s success. Most of your small business customers are not credit management experts. This is an area where you can help your customers to strengthen their credit, thereby becoming a safer investment for your company.

Many small businesses need to grow their credit. By issuing credit to them, you are helping them to do that. You can also help them by connecting them to educational resources and tools that enable them to be better stewards of their credit.

Since you’re busy managing a portfolio of customers, trying to generate revenue for your company at an acceptable level of risk and collect from the few customers who stumble, call on Business Credit Reports to help.

We’re credit experts! And we want to help you to help your customers. Ask your favorite BCR Sales or Customer Service representative how you can help your customers to strengthen their credit so they can spend more with you while growing their business.

While you’re talking with your BCR rep, they would be happy to recommend the best credit solutions for each specific customer type. Because we source from all of the major business credit data providers, we have been able to create tailor-made credit reports that give you the biggest bang for your buck. Use the right tool for each specific job without over-spending. Your BCR rep can guide you to the most appropriate solution for your unique needs.