New Reports and Gateway Coming This Month

We have redesigned and enhanced every one of our reports. Reimagined with a fresh new design that makes them easier to read, our enhanced reports are packed with new value-added information and advanced analytics. Most of our Comprehensive reports will receive the following additions: Data Depth Score, Credit Logic Score, Business Failure Risk Score, Credit Limit Guidelines, Fraud Flags and Google Maps.

Ordering reports from BCR is about to get easier. We have built an entirely new cloud-based report ordering gateway. This isn't just a new skin on the old Advantage Fusion, it's an entirely new app, built from the ground-up. You will save time with the intuitive, modern interface and faster report generation engine. The streamlined workflow will enable faster report ordering so you can be more productive.

Only users that order reports from BCR's proprietary Advantage Fusion report ordering site will receive access to the new reports and portal. If you already have access to the Advantage suite of reports, including Advantage Pro, Advantage Plus, Advantage and BCR Pro, you will automatically get the new reports very soon.  If you're not already ordering reports directly from BCR's site, contact us now to get access to our exciting new reports!