Are Unlimited Plans Right for You?

When choosing a business credit information provider, not only do you have a choice of three major credit bureaus, but there are also multiple subscription plan options available. Which is the best for your company? The answer depends on your anticipated need.

Many business credit providers tout their unlimited subscription plans. With these plans, you get an unlimited number of reports at one fixed price. An “all-you-can-eat” plan at a fixed price sounds like a great deal. However, if you do the math, you might find it’s not your best option.

If you divide your annual subscription cost by the number of credit reports you pull, you may find the per-report cost to be higher than expected. The price you pay for these subscriptions is based on a higher than anticipated usage level that most companies never reach. Some credit managers have reported paying more than $80 per report on their unlimited plans!

Some of these “unlimited” plans aren’t actually unlimited. Instead, they set a baseline volume and allow for up to three times that before a cap or overage charges kick in. These plans often include value-added services and features that you won’t use, which increases the per-report price of the reports you do use.

At renewal time, if you exceeded your baseline your previous year, your cap and subscription price will both increase whether or not you will need more reports that year.

Savvy credit managers are learning that an unlimited plan is often more costly than a simple pay-as-you-go plan. We at BCR encourage credit managers to do the math and pick the plan that best suits their company’s anticipated needs. BCR offers many plan options, including unlimited, pay-as-you-go, tiered and capped subscriptions. Our monthly pay-as-you-go plans require no contract and no minimum.

BCR has the report and plan that fits your company’s specific need. Multiple information sources, one login, one invoice and the lowest prices with the right pricing plan. Ask our experienced team of business credit experts to tailor a plan that’s right for you.