Become More Valuable by Aiding Supplier Evaluation

The Credit Manager is the one person in the organization with both the tools and to resources to be the most qualified person to compile, digest and analyze risk and opportunities of the business as a whole. While their primary focus is, rightly, managing the risk of the accounts receivable portfolio, the skill sets of the credit manager can also be invaluable in analyzing and advising on key supplier viability.

Interruptions in the supply chain are potentially more crippling and damaging to a company’s ability to provide product to their customers in an efficient, timely manner than any single loss of a customer due to insolvency. The financial health of your key suppliers is paramount in their ability to provide the products and components necessary to ensure that your supply chain is secure and operating without unnecessary interruptions and lost production. All too often, purchasing teams miss this key area of their suppliers’ financial health as they do not have access to information that will point out these potential trouble spots.

Business Credit Reports is able to provide this information package in our Advantage Pro Report. By pulling data elements from all of the major bureaus and presenting it in a concise, easy to understand format, we are providing Purchasing and Credit professionals the mechanism to view and understand the supplier’s ability to meet their obligations and your needs. In addition to providing the key metrics you need to properly evaluate your supplier, the Advantage Pro Report will provide free one year alert monitoring on changes which may impact their ability to deliver. Also, for your international suppliers, we partner with multiple providers globally to get you the information your company needs to make informed decisions.

There are no contracts, fees nor minimums with any of the BCR report options. You are only billed for the reports that you pull. Our user-friendly website also provides you the ability to establish new user profiles, so that these reports can be expensed to the correct department, so as not to affect your Credit budget.

By reaching out to your company’s Supply Chain and Purchasing staff, you will be truly expanding your impact in the company by providing the information and your expertise in helping to manage your organization’s growth.Please contact your BCR representative to learn more today.