Business Credit Scores- Like Having Thousands of Credit Managers on Your Team

Business Credit Scores – Like Having Thousands of Credit Managers on Your Team

Veteran credit managers have reviewed tens of thousands of credit reports during their career. Years of experience has taught them the factors that are indicators of risk when evaluating customers. A good veteran credit manager can save a company tens of thousands of dollars or more each year.

Since you cannot clone great credit managers, companies
rely on business credit scores. Credit scores can BCR_quotesocial_6-(2).jpgrender a credit decision in seconds. This gives companies the ability to not only process credit applications more quickly, but they can also review ALL of their customers for changes in risk every month.

All of the big business credit bureaus - Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and Equifax - provide scoring models designed to assess past payment history or predict future events like delinquency or bankruptcy. 
BCR is one of the few places where savvy credit managers can get business credit scores from all three of the industry-leading providers. To learn more about business credit scores and how they can supercharge your company, contact the experts at BCR today.