New Prequalification Service

The BCR team is excited to announce a new soft hit Pre-Qualification Service that pulls a full Experian credit report with a FICO Score and is FCRA-compliant. It is available with no minimums and no annual fees.

Lenders, leasing companies and other credit issuers can easily add this turn-key solution to their website, email campaigns, social media and other points of contact so their applicants can login and self-prequalify. They can also create customizable credit offers and set acceptance criteria for each offer. This new service helps companies reduce risk, increase security, cut costs, generate revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Our new Pre-Qualification Service is great for borrowers too. They get pre-qualified without impacting their credit score. Because the applicant is making the request, the inquiry registers as a “soft hit” on the applicant’s credit record. After completing the process, the applicant is delivered pre-qualified credit offers based on their credit profile and the custom criteria set up by the lender.

To learn more about the service, visit our Pre-Qualification Services page or speak to your BCR representative.