Discounts on Account Reviews

It may have been a while since you've done a complete review of all customer accounts. The end of the year is just around the corner. Don't let 2015 arrive before doing an annual review of your customer portfolio.

Reviewing your entire portfolio of customers is a good due diligence practice to identify credit risk before your customer becomes delinquent. It could also identify customers that warrant credit line increases or are up-selling opportunities that will generate more revenue.

If you prefer to focus your review on certain customers, there are a few ways to identify review targets. Slow-paying accounts, accounts with large balances, accounts that have been quiet lately or accounts that have recently increased purchasing are all good candidates for a review.

We can help you review any number of customers. If you want to review a small targeted group or a large portfolio, we can help.

Just send us a file of your customers, and we can append a credit score and other attributes that point to future credit health. This can be the same file you send us for reporting to the credit bureaus. (You are reporting your data, right? If not, see below.) Don't have many customers? We can provide also full credit reports or summary reports for any number of accounts. To assure you are constantly updated on your customers' changing credit health, we can monitor your customers' credit as well.

Performing an annual review is easy and cost-effective. And, now, we're making it even more affordable with special discounts on portfolio scoring and monitoring services. Ask your BCR rep for details.