Fresh Investigations on Canadian Businesses Now Available

BCR has partnered with Equifax Canada to deliver freshly-investigated reports on Canadian companies. Two new reports, the Canadian Bank Verification Report and the Canadian Full Commercial Investigation Report, deliver the freshest possible information on Canadian companies.

The Full Commercial Investigation researches and delivers:
•    Supplier verifications
•    Corporate registration
•    Bank verification 

This information is sourced upon your request by Equifax Canada’s expert Investigative Services team. The investigator will procure credit verifications from three trade payment sources, check with Corporate Registry to get the latest public record information and retrieve a detailed report from the company’s bank. If a bank report is all you need, the Canadian Bank Verification Report provides those details at a lower cost.

These reports are the ideal answer to information gaps that may appear in a credit report pulled from a database. Even though the reports are freshly investigated, your decision can still be made quickly because the reports are delivered within 72 hours and often within just 24 hours. 

Ordering fresh investigations on Canadian business through BCR is easy because the reports can be ordered right in BCR’s portal. You can place your investigation order by clicking into the Canadian & International Reports menu. With either report, you’ll receive the freshest available information to make an informed credit decision on Canadian companies.