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Pay suppliers in a timely fashion. Urge your banks and vendors to report your good payment history for BCR to provide to all of the bureaus. Open credit cards, leases, credit lines and trade accounts in your company’s name instead of your name personally. Contact Experian, Equifax and D&B with any corrections on your report immediately.

Monitor your company’s report

Watch for any collections, judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies or payment changes through our FREE account monitoring alerts through Experian.

Understanding your business credit score

Scores range from 0 to 100. The closer to 100 the better the score and the lower the risk; the closer to 0 the higher the risk. Scores are affected by how you pay suppliers, banks, credit cards, years in business, judgments, tax liens, bankruptcy, and collections.
Reasons to get and monitor your company’s credit report & benefits of a good score...

  • Lower insurance rates
  • Favorable bank and supplier terms
  • Lower interest rates
  • Competitive edge for bidding process (most contracts require a business credit report to be pulled on all bids to insure performance of the contract)
  • Leverage and consideration

How to dispute or correct your Business Credit Report

If you need to dispute or correct certain details on your Business Credit Report with Experian, D&B, Equifax USA  or Ansonia please follow the instructions below.  Each section of our reports will identify the source of that information.  Please make sure that you are sending the dispute / correction to the right bureau.  The business credit bureaus do not generally share corrections so if it is a public record item (bankruptcy, tax lien or judgment) you will need to contact Experian, Equifax and D&B to make the correction. 

Dun & Bradstreet:

  • Call 800 765 DUNS (3867). 
  • You can also go to and click on the “Duns number” tab and follow the instructions.


  • Email a PDF of the dispute / correction on your company letterhead to  Include your company contact information and it must be signed by an officer of the company.
  • Or, mail to Experian Commercial Relations PO BOX 5001 Costa Mesa CA 92628-5001
  • Or fax to 714 830 2903 Attn: BCF data update

Equifax USA:

  • For corrections with Equifax please use this form and follow the instructions on the form.

Equifax Canada: