Get Paid Faster by Reporting Your Trade Payment Data

Reporting your trade payment data to the three major credit bureaus through BCR is easy and FREE.

Companies who report their trade payment data get paid better, that is a fact. Getting your slow paying customers to pay promptly is all about leverage. We will make sure that you get that leverage by reporting your data to all three of the big bureaus - D&B, Experian and Equifax. All we need is your customer’s address and aging file in an Excel .csv file. Get started today by choosing one of the options to the right.

Because we want to help you grow your business, we’ll even make it easy to incentivize your customers to pay on time by providing you with letter options you can send to each of your customers. If your customers know you’re reporting their payment behavior to the credit bureaus, it will encourage them to move you to the top of their payables list. Since most of your customers are paying on time, reporting will add a positive trade line to their record. The letters will tell them how you are helping them build their business credit record, which enables them to get additional credit in the future. That growth will enable them to buy more from your company too. It’s great synergy!

Download the We Are Reporting Your Payment History letter to send to your customers

Download We Report to the Bureaus Letter Ideas

Need more convincing? Check out these benefits of reporting your payment data:

  1. Apply leverage to your slow-paying accounts to make your invoice the first to be paid.
  2. Help your good-paying customers build business credit so they can get the bank loans and credit lines needed to grow and buy more from you.
  3. Reduce credit reference calls. Send them to us!
  4. Experian reporters receive monthly Receivables Management Reports analysis for FREE.
  5. Get the popular Collection Priority Report to prioritize your collection calls.
  6. Identify which accounts are at risk on future sales.
  7. Reduce DSO’s.
  8. Increase cash flow.
  9. Identify the slow payers that still have money.
  10. Clean up your receivables through improved portfolio management.

Download 10 Benefits of Reporting Trade Payment Data