SBA Loan Reporting

All SBA lenders are required to report SBA loans to the business credit bureaus. BCR is here to help you comply with this SBA requirement. Reporting on SBA loans through BCR is easy and FREE.

We can report your SBA loans to all three of the big business credit bureaus – Experian, D&B and Equifax. You can send us one Excel .csv file and we’ll take care of the rest.

We don’t have minimums and can report to Experian, D&B and Equifax on your behalf. Using BCR as your gateway to report SBA loans to the business credit bureaus is a wise choice. Not only are you complying with SBA requirements, but BCR makes SBA loan reporting easy, giving you one place to send your information, free!

To view the acceptable file format for SBA loan reporting, click here.

To start reporting your SBA loans, please contact us or speak with your BCR representative.

If you still have questions regarding SBA loan reporting requirements, contact our in-house SBA expert Debbie Golbach at 615-989-7005 or by email


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does the SBA require SBA-Guaranteed loans to be reported to the credit bureaus?
A:  Yes, the SBA requires all SBA loans to be reported to the business credit bureaus on no less than a quarterly basis for the life of the loan.

Q:  Will data reporting come up in a lender review
A: Yes.

Q:  How much does it cost? 
A:  BCR offers data reporting to the credit bureaus as a FREE service.  Beware that others may have hidden fees like monthly minimums, annual membership etc.

Q:  We have fewer than 100 SBA 7(a) loans.  We called the business bureau directly they said they can’t help us.  Can BCR help?  
A:  Yes. The business credit bureaus have minimums on the number of loans being reported.  Each of the bureaus has different thresholds, ranging between 250 and 500 loans.  The minimums do not apply when reporting through BCR.

Q:  The SBA requires us to report quarterly and we get to choose the business credit reporting agency.  But BCR recommends monthly and all business bureaus. Why? 
A:  It’s important to share the borrowers’ payments with all business credit bureaus to ensure complete coverage.  For example, your borrower goes into default on their SBA loan.  You, the reporting lender, report only to Experian.  Your borrower pursues a line of credit.  The bank that is doing their due diligence pulls an Equifax report.  Your SBA loan will not be visible on the Equifax report.  Reporting your SBA and Commercial loans to all three business credit bureaus is advised.

Q:  Do each of the business credit bureaus require a separate agreement to start SBA loan reporting? 
A:  BCR provides you with everything you need to start reporting to any or all business credit bureaus.

Q:  We are a CDC; do we need to report on our 504 loans? 
A:  It depends on the type of loans that you are doing.  Please call BCR’s SBA expert, Debbie Golbach 615-989-7005.

Q:  Our bank’s core system is Fiserv / PCFS / Jack Henry.  What process do we need to follow for the format? 
A:  We can provide you with an easy to follow file layout. Please give us a call. 

Q:  Can you provide references on other SBA lenders that report through you?
A:  Absolutely!

Q: Experian says that I must report on ALL of my accounts.  Can I just report my SBA loans and not all of my loans?
A: YES through BCR you can report on just SBA loans and not all of your loans.  However, reporting your SBA and Commercial loans to all three business credit bureaus is advised.

Q: Will I receive a copy of the executed agreements for our records?
A: Of course.

Q: Does your company have standard language/wording available that we could incorporate into our loan documents as notification of our reporting activity?
A: We recommend you check with your compliance department and / or legal department for specific language.

Q: We can’t put dollar amounts in the aging columns.  Is there another way?
A: Yes, there is another way.  You can use the status codes we can provide.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: The bureaus take 6-9 weeks to load files to their databases.

Q: Can I change the layout of my file?
A: The Bureaus (Experian, Equifax and D&B) prefer your file remain in the exact same layout every month.  If you need to change the layout for some reason, please let us know ahead of time.  The new layout will have to be programmed for their database.