Small Business Credit Monitoring

Get the full picture

Start by ordering one of our Advantage series reports on your company to see what your suppliers and lenders are saying about your company. Your business partners are most likely reporting information about your business to one or more of the major credit bureaus. BCR’s Advantage line of reports blend the information from the different bureaus together into one comprehensive credit report. BCR’s Advantage Pro, Advantage Plus and Advantage reports provide the most comprehensive view of your company available on a single report.

Stay up to date

When you order any of our Advantage series reports, we will monitor and provide alerts* on the inquired-upon company. By ordering a report on your company and receiving our free alerts, you will know when one of your creditors has reported delinquent payments or derogatory comments against your company so you can work with your business partners to clear up the problem and put your company’s credit record back on track.



*Alerts are powered by Experian in the U.S. and Equifax in Canada.