Dave Lerro

dave-lerro-2-01.jpgCredit Management Advisor

As a Credit Management Advisor, I work with our growing client base to tailor credit information solutions to assist credit professionals manage the risk in their A/R portfolios.  As a former Credit Manager, I understand that the front end work you do in determining credit viability pays immeasurable dividends on managing and controlling bad debt.

With over twenty-five years of experience as a National Credit Manager with Waring Products and Kaman Music Corp, my background on your side of the desk makes me uniquely qualified to understand the challenges that you face every day.  Having once been a satisfied client of BCR, I feel confident that our unique partnerships with all the major bureaus provide our clients with the information tools necessary to grow your business with report options commensurate with the risk.  My challenge is to understand your needs and to help fill your credit toolkit with the information choices necessary for you to achieve your goals.

I reside in Connecticut with my wife of thirty-five years. Our two children are successful and on their own now, and we enjoy visiting them every chance we get.  I am passionate about all things UConn, also a diehard Red Sox and Bruins fan, and have seen Bruce Springsteen more times than I care to admit!

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